Thom Watts

Program Director/Mornings

5:45 - 10AM

I feel you deserve more than a cookie cutter biography so common on other radio web sites. This is supposed to be a biography so I'll give you one.

I grew up in Oswego, KS where my parents still live. After graduating from Oswego High School, I spent 2 years at Coffeyville Community College studying TV Technology and hosting the Football Coaches show. (I pray the videos never make it to the Internet. I was young and needed the scholarship money. God bless Billy and Marlon!)

After receiving my Associates degree in Communications, I then spent some time as a roofer and "Pizza Chef." I transferred to Pittsburg State University and spent 3 years finishing up my degree (God bless Rich Fry and Thimios Zaharopoulos). I finally graduated with my B.A. in B.S. which I use every day.

While at Pitt State my first job was videotaping practices for the World's Greatest College Football team, the Pittsburg State University Gorillas. After that glorious National Championship season in 1991, I started the job that I've now had for close to 20 years.

It's hard to believe that I've been a part of the KKOW family for nearly half my life. I started here in December of 1991, doing the overnight shift, and had no idea I would still be here.

Over these years, I've not only watched my career grow, but I've watched 96.9 prosper as well. We both started at the bottom of the heap and have risen above everyone's expectations. Living my life on-the-air has allowed me to be a part of your lives. I've shared in your joys and sorrows. You've been with me through the bad times in my life, like my near fatal car wreck, and two divorces. However, you've also been there during the great times. (God bless them most). I now spend much of my time away from work enjoying life with my daughter, Lily, and wife Sarah, or working out at the gym, and cooking.

As my career has developed, I've offended a few people with my views on sex, stupidity, children, country music, and life in general. To these parties, I'm sorry if you were vexed by what I said. I've never intended to enrage anyone. I prefer to look at it as taking an opportunity to make you think and feel and for me to share an opinion, something to which we are all entitled.

If you would like to share an opinion or view, (let me know what you think of our station, suggestions, likes, dislikes, etc.) feel free to e-mail me at

ALL comments will be reviewed and considered, good and bad. This is more than a job to me. It's my life. I think when I turn on that microphone every morning. I come to share time and maybe a little cup of coffee with you, my friends.