Josh Douglas




Being a DJ on 96.9 The Kow- A childhood dream that has finally come true. At the age of six, I received a voice recorder and a CD player and started making recordings of myself being a DJ for 96.9. Thom Watts actually got his hands on one of my recordings and played it on the air. That was when I knew someday I would become a DJ for 96.9 The Kow.

I grew up and graduated high school in the small town of St. Paul (Kansas, not Minnesota!). St. Paul, the town known for it's beautiful church, awesome school and fantastic sports teams. I was a member of the 2000 and 2002 Eight-Man Division one football State Championship teams. I also tried playing basketball but I couldn't dribble or make baskets, so the only kind of on-court action I got was being the guy that shot the ball, when we did rebound drills, in practice.

After high school I obtained an associates degree in communication from Labette County Community College. I graduated from Pittsburg State University with a bachlors of science for Computer Science in May of 2009. In my spare time I like to goof off and play my X-Box 360. I also love going to the casinos and gambling away my paycheck.

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Song: Anything Dirty
Movie: The Hangover
Book: The Da Vinci Code
TV Show: Family Guy